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Sportfoto Ltd combines photos from different sports events in a single environment. We mainly cover five of the most popular sports: bicycling, running, roller skating, triathlon and skiing.


The aim of is to make it as easy as possible for people to find photos taken of them - just enter your first name and surname or competition registration number in the search and the photos will line up before you. We are doing our best to link as many pictures as possible to specific people and make them easily findable.


To further simplify finding pictures, everybody can order a notification about new photos of them added to the environment to their e-mail address via the webpage. In addition to your own photos, you can also track photos taken of your children, friends or colleagues.


Everyone can upload photos from sports events to the environment - with your help we can offer as many photo experiences as possible in a single environment. You do not have to be a professional photographer to gather photo material for Everybody who manages to snap good shots at a competition is welcome in our environment! Read more here about joining the environment as a photographer.


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By joining the notifications system, we will send you a notification every time a new photo of you is added to environment.
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