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Terms of use

1. Photographers who register with the environment affirm that the copyright of the photos they upload does not belong to a third party and that the photos have not ended up in their possession illegally.


2. In the event that complaints by a third party become known in relation to the copyright of photos uploaded by a photographer, these will be forwarded to the uploader of the photos and the team of will have the right to remove these photos from the environment.


3. The photographer accepts that the photos uploaded by them may be used and processed by in compliance with good practices without asking permission from the author.


4. shall publish the name of the author of the photo in the detailed view of the photo.


5. The photographer accepts that photos uploaded by them may be used in different media publications (print media, online environments). In case a photo is used, the publication shall also publish the name of the author of the photo. If a photo is used in media publications, the author will be paid a fee according to the general pricing scheme.


6. The photographer accepts that the photos they upload may be used by the organiser of a specific competition for the organiser's own purposes. The photographer will not be paid fees for photos used by the organiser of the competition. Pertinent information about the usage of photos will be reflected in the list of incomes of the photographer.


7. The author may distribute and use photos uploaded to the environment through other channels. The environment will impose no related restrictions.


8. Depending on the competition, sales revenue will be shared:
1) 50% to photographer, 50% to Sportfoto
2) 33.3% to photographer, 33.3% to organizer, 33.3% to Sportfoto
If the photographer is a legal person, the payment will be performed on the basis of a submitted invoice. All fees earned by a specific date will be paid out as a single payment. A new payment for photos already paid for cannot be requested.


9. The price of a photo is not fixed and Sportfoto reserves the right to change the price of photos without prior notice.


10. The photographer affirms that they are familiar with the price formation rules for photos and have no claims with regard to the price formation.


11. As a rule, photos uploaded by a photographer are reviewed within 2–3 business days, after which they are published. In exceptional cases (a large number of competitions within a short period of time, etc.), the review may take longer. Photos submitted to recently held competitions are reviewed as first priority. It may take up to two weeks to review photos added to previously held competitions (older than two weeks).


12. Attempts will be made first to resolve all issues, disputes and misunderstandings through bilateral communication of the parties. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the issues shall be settled in court.


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